Stuff I Say


I’m a 20-something, web-savy blogger with all the typical problems and advantages of the generation of kids who grew up on a steady diet of the internet, video games, and poor educational standards. Throughout childhood I knew everything and nothing all at once and like my colleagues, the precocious Internet 2.0 generation, I’m liable to flip-flop, bandstand, protest, and/or flee into the shadows and feign innocence at any given time.

Although my brand loyalties lie primarily with Apple, I do enjoy, from time to time, stints on my Xbox 360. I keep a fairly active Flickr account and I’m just now getting into the genius that is I’ve got accounts on all the important social networking sites, but try to keep those specific to my meatbag friends. If you’re really OCD, I do Twitter from time to time. LOST and Battlestar Galactica are two of my favorite TV shows, but I also love me some Entourage.

Right now, I’m doing the JET thing and teaching Japanese middle school students English in an underpopulated, gray town on the Sea of Japan. I speak Japanese and English, the latter more fluently than the former, obviously, and am ultimately interested in pursuing a career in photography, writing, or product usability testing. (Apple, Google, Blizzard — I’m your go-to guy!)

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