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“We’re as flexible as copper tubing,” says DoCoMo Pres. Ryuji Yamada

Posted in Apple, Mobile Computing, Mobile Telephony by 51future on July 4, 2008

DoCoMo Remains “Flexible” in iPhone Talks

DoCoMo, which has been in discussions with Apple to offer the iPhone, ‘hasn’t given up yet,” Yamada said June 23.

DoCoMo claims that they “remain flexible” and are still interested in the iPhone in Japan. Personally though, I think this analysis is closer to the truth.

Analysts seem to think that the problem is that DoCoMo wants to put iMode on the device, but I disagree with their assertion that time is the issue.

I imagine there are some fundamental issues with the whole “unfettered internet” paradigm, mostly because the guy behind “iMode” DoCoMo’s “popular” (read, everyone is forced to use this on their phones) internet platform thinks he’s a visionary. Sure, iMode is successful, but that’s a given, there is no alternative on a DoCoMo phone. AU has their own internet portal on their phones, too. It’s really all the same. It’s a walled garden with lots of opportunities to spend money on ringtones, games, SMS messages, and the like. Giving people the whole internet conflicts with the the idea of keeping people imprisoned. Without a way to completely neuter the internet experience on the iPhone, I imagine that DoCoMo will continue to “negotiate.”

This is undoubtedly a philosophical issue, since they could easily roll up an iMode app in the SDK and just install it on every new phone by default. The trick is that Apple is the one who has the keys to the experience and they know that if they give them up, it’s no longer an iPhone.

Apple too has their own “walled garden” in the App Store, but in this case, they’re only attempting to control the hardware, not the entire internet\.


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  1. Corey said, on July 5, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    But the internet wants to be free. And it will be free. Docomo etc. will suffer for their indiscretions.

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