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Why You Should Vote for Barack Obama

Posted in Apple, politics by 51future on July 1, 2008

Softbank released their prices and I’m pretty satisfied with them. On Softbank’s White Plan we don’t get any “minutes” persay, beyond unlimited free calling to other Softbank users handsets during the day (1AM – 9PM), but that doesn’t really bother me. On my plan at DoCoMo I think I have something like 25 minutes free prepaid, along with something like 1Mb or 100Kb of data (for e-mail) and I pay 3,650 yen a month, which is the cheapest plan I’ve ever seen anyone on in Japan. Because voice rates are pretty expensive here, most people just text each other. However, even if I wanted to make a lot of calls (I have no one to talk, really) 20円 per minute isn’t bad at all. Typically, I make about 15 minutes of calls a month, maybe a few more if we have some kind of event coming up or something. In any case, Softbank’s iPhone plans include unlimited data, which means we aren’t getting screwed like those forced to deal with Roger’s. (That link is currently down, it looks like, but hit Engadget or Digg and do a search for “iPhone, Rogers” to get the gist of it.)

Meanwhile, Senator Orrin Hatch has given me one more reason to vote for Barrack Obama in the upcoming election: Obama doesn’t liberally spam my inbox!

Spam from the Republican Party

Usually, it wouldn’t bother me, but somehow this shit manages to get through Gmail’s spam filter and make it as far as’s junk box. Gmail will eventually get the hint and start trashing Republican money-grabs as spam, but I still need to log in and actually mark it, which is a pain in my ass. Unsubscribing is a joke. I shouldn’t have to unsubscribe to something I never signed up for in the first place. Don’t they have laws against this kind of thing?


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