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Diablo 3, Time Capsule Compatibility Update, and More Octopus Sex

Posted in Apple, Gadgetry, gaming by 51future on July 1, 2008

Time Capsule and Airport updates released

The interesting thing about this is that this update may have corrected the inherent incompatibility with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Wifi dongle… From the comments at TUAW:

It also seems to fix the incompatibility issue with the official Microsoft Xbox Live Adapter on the Xbox 360.

I just uploaded the firmware and was successful in getting on Live via my wireless network.

Diablo 3 design fundamentals explained at a Worldwide Invitational panel. Diablo has always been akin to digital crack for me. I own 2 Diablo 2 Battle Chests as well as a separate copy of Diablo 2 and LoD. The design philosophy looks sound, in typical Blizzard fashion.

In an effort to increase my overall traffic, I’m decided to mention octopus sex in this one. It’s a hot topic these days.


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