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EA Backed Down, I Guess…

Posted in software by 51future on May 11, 2008

EA & Bioware Back Down

Q: If the game isn’t going to require an authentication every 10 days, will it ever require re-authentication?

A: Only if the player chooses to download new game content.

Apparently they gave in because a lot of members of the armed services told them that always-on internet connections aren’t exactly the standard in places like Iraq…

In any case, I’m sure EA and Bioware figure they had a good round of publicity for both Spore and Mass Effect. There was an outcry that sent Spore and Mass Effect to the edge of the blogsphere and back, then they dialed back their draconian offering, and got a little boost in their popularity to boot. All in all, a damn good day and a lot of free mindshare for their latest releases.

Call me back when they’ve removed SecuROM entirely. That’s the day they’ll get my respect.


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