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My Timbuk2 Bag Finally Came!

Posted in Stuff by 51future on May 4, 2008

My sister got me a custom-made Timbuk2 bag for Christmas and it finally trickled down through Japanese post to my door yesterday.

I wanted to get this bag to replace my previous work load….

My Backpack


old laptop bag

So I designed a bag over at Timbuk2 that would replace and improve upon both of them and it finally came today.

medium laptop messenger

Now, I found Timbuk2 pretty much by chance one day but their bags looked roomy and attractive. I also liked the feature list:

* Rugged ballistic nylon exterior
* Waterproof liner
* Heavy-duty stitching
* Built-in padded computer compartment
* Padded Grab Strap handle
* Quick-adjust side-cam shoulder strap
* Removable cross strap for -on-the-go stability
* Internal organizer pockets and key ring tether
* Reflector tails
* Safety flasher attachment loop
* Timbuk2 Quality Guarantee
* Strap Pad included

Right now, I don’t really have anything more than a few first impressions…

The inside of the bag is more roomy than it looks (as I expected). It accommodates everything that was in my backpack with ease, along with my laptop. Furthermore, there’s still enough room to fit all sorts of things into it, like my big ol’ honkin’ 20D with a lense attached, even. Or another dictionary and a few paperbacks. And my iPod and cell phone and anything else I need to bring along with me (Passport HD, etc.)

inside with junk

While the bag is waterproof, there’s some open space on the sides at the top which is close enough to the laptop sleeve to make me nervous. It doesn’t look like rain will be able to sneak it while I’m carrying it, because the strap will be pulled taut and block the space between the strap and the main flap, but if I set it down, it might be a problem.

The colors look awesome… even though the pink seems to be schizophrenic (or at least, radically different looking under different light).

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