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Technical Image Press Association 2008 Awards

Posted in photography by 51future on April 28, 2008

TIPA 2008 Awards

Both Canon and Nikon put up a good showing at the awards, with (surprisingly) Sony up there as well…

Best “Advanced” Level D-SLR: Canon 450D

With its 12.2 megapixel sensor, an ISO rating between 100 and 1600, a responsive autofocus system and superb image quality, the Canon EOS 450D is an excellent camera to discover the next step in digital photography. Offered in kit form with an 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, the camera boasts advanced features like Live View, and features an impressive LCD screen which accurately displays the model’s crisp, clean images. Both lightweight and compact, the EOS 450D is simple to use and fast, too, with a burst rate of 3.3 frames per second.

At $899.95 at BH Photo Video I’m not surprised this received an award. My 20D was $1299 new and it has an 8MP sensor and no auto-dust cleaning or live view functions. Great entry SLR.

Nikon nabbed the Best “Expert” D-SLR and the Best “Professional” D-SLR with their D300 and D30 respectively.

These cameras are incredible and at their price range they beat out anything and everything Canon has to offer. Additionally, I personally love the manual aperture control and huge back catalog of compatible Nikon F-Mount lenses on Nikon’s cameras.

Right now, I’m waiting for Canon to put out a weather sealed 5D Mk. II to compete with Nikon’s D300 before I invest in another camera, mostly because I already own a fair bit of Canon kit (about $2200 in Canon lenses as well as flash and some other doodads) that I don’t want to go through the trouble of getting rid of if I was to switch over to Nikon.

I was for a while considering investing in some Olympus kit (namely the E-3) because of Olympus’ great colors and fantastic Zuiko lenses


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