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BSG: Secret Cylon Interview

Posted in TV by 51future on April 22, 2008

Battlestar Galactica’s Secret Cylons Tell All

So I didn’t believe it, I didn’t like it. I had actually said numerous times once we were shooting Battlestar Galactica, am I ever glad that I’m not playing a cylon. But over the four years that we’ve been doing this. The powers that be have never steered me wrong, I may have disagreed with them, and sometimes they go along with me.

No spoilers for anyone who’s been keeping up with Season 4. It’s probably even safe if you’ve seen as far as the last episode of Season 3…

I really wish I had someone to talk about BSG with. Season 4 is, right now, the best season so far, bar none. The production values are staggering. Rich, I say. And it’s far more interesting than the first few episodes of the latest season of LOST, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, after the scene in S04 E03, when Adama is reading out of a book entitled “11 Bullets” to Roslin, I’ve determined (along with a friend of mine) that there should be entire audio books read by Edward James Olmos. I can’t find a YouTube clip right now, but take my word for it– it was awesome.


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