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New MacHeist!

Posted in Apple by 51future on April 16, 2008

The MacHeist Retail Bundle Unboxed

There’s another bundle up at MacHeist which has a few worthwhile applications in it and from the sound of the email, might have another handful of surprises coming towards the end of the sale. (That is a referral link, by the way. Purchases through it benefit me… somehow. Feel free to use or ignore it.)

As an already registered member, we know you may own a lot of these apps, so in an effort to keep you interested, and involved in the world of Mac software, we’ve been hard at work putting together a truly awesome referral program. It’s time to call up those old friends… because this time around, we will be unveiling multiple tiers of software prizes, each crammed with several options. Take your pick, and have fun as always.

I’d definitely recommend Awaken if you’re in the market for alarm software. I wake up to it everyday and the only time it has ever failed me was actually my fault. There’s no slicker, more reliable alarm clock out there, as far as I’m concerned.

Coversutra is a neat little application that I’ve started using somewhat frequently since I picked it up in the last MacHeist bundle. It works best if you have a well organized iTunes library and it integrates with, if you’re into that. (I don’t really get, but that’s for another entry, really.)

I got a bit of use out of Wallet when I got it free from the Mac Giving Tree, (a December extension of MacHeist) but I’ve since replaced it with 1Password, which quickly became one of the most useful applications on my Mac.

Devonthink Personal looks interesting and I’m actually going to download a demo today and see what there is to see. It’s one of those “organize everything here” database applications which appeal to the side of me that hates dealing with Firefox’s bookmarks menu. The trial apparently has “150 hours of non-continuous runtime” which sounds like plenty of time to evaluate it. (6.25 Days? Hmm…) Really though, the important thing to remember is that if Devonthink ends up being worthwhile, the bundle is nearly worth that application alone, given that the bundle is $49.95 and Devonthink Personal is $39.95.

Then there’s XSlimmer. I’ve considered purchasing this several times in the past because the idea of smaller applications that launch more quickly appeals to me, even if I can’t slim WoW’s binaries.

And finally, while Writeroom is probably a fine full-screen text editor, I’d personally recommend Scrivener. Scrivener has even more robust full-screen text editing capabilities than Writeroom, along with an indispensable creative-works centric organizational GUI that makes doing any creative writing a joy, rather than a chore.

Most of these apps are old hat and/or already in my applications folder, but anybody who missed out on the MH bundles in the past might find this bundle worth the cash.


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