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Monday Smorgasbord

Posted in Gadgetry, gaming, internet, News by 51future on April 14, 2008

The government seems to be having some problems with their robot killing machines that have apparently set the program back 10 to 20 years. Sounds like something out of, I don’t know… BSG?


Meanwhile, in WoW the Oceanic server problems continue. Blizzard is apparently monitoring the situation and trying to adjust the “background processes” that 2.4 introduced server-side in order to do… something. The real question here (that no one at Blizzard will ever answer) is: Why did these processes get the green light to run at Oceanic peak times?

(Blizzard Customer Service Rep) Syndri has come out and said that after 12 days of lag and issues, there is still no fix. They are still working on it. That means that they have a team assigned to diagnose the problems and try to fix them. Syndri even acknowledges the severity of the situation, in that the issues are affecting hundreds of thousands of customers.

It’s actually been about 3 weeks rather than 12 days, and as Oceanic players we’ve always had to deal with latency because our servers are in California, rather than in a locale near their player base. Maintenance also happens during the Oceanic prime time, so there’s basically one day a week where we can’t play at all. In any case, I think it’s sort of irresponsible for Blizzard to say that this issue is severe, especially considering that for those “hundreds of thousands of customers” a few servers in Australia or Korea is entirely out of the question. Thanks for nothing, Blizz.


The last thing that caught my eye this morning is this: Light Emitting Wallpaper to be previewed at Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

I’ve always been interested in what I like to callwallforms and given that I don’t really have a place right now that feels permanent, I can’t wait to see this new luminescent wallpaper for sale. I think I’m in love.


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