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The Internet is Not Quite Yet Ubiquitous

Posted in Apple, internet by 51future on April 13, 2008

Gartner Says Vista Will Collapse; Google Apps Are Where It’s At

For most early adopters (and all Mac users), the browser is increasingly the only operating system that matters anyway. Windows isn’t really that relevant any more just because of the increasing utility of online applications like Google Docs, which competes with Microsoft Office. Vista could be perfect and it still wouldn’t matter. The fact that it is flawed only makes the situation worse.

I think I’m supposed to come away from this article with the idea in my head that Mac users do the majority of their computing in their browser? Or I suppose he was trying to say that Mac users have no use for Vista? Well, that makes a little more sense, I guess… Still– stupid.

The idea that Google Apps, and say, Photoshop Express, are supposed to replace Photoshop and iWorks is just plain stupid. I don’t know anyone who feels comfortable enough computing online that they’d go so far as ditch Vista or OS X to compute entirely on a barebones, browser-based OS. Not only are there reasons to write off the grid (intellectual property, anyone?) but things like page layout, RAW editing, and hundreds of other processor-intensive tasks aren’t being replaced by AJAX and javascript any time soon.


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