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Posted in Apple, gaming, Television by 51future on March 29, 2008

So a few tidbits:

Apple Released Aperture 2.1 w/ Plug-in Functionality

And here I was thinking that 2.0 had plug-in functionality. I tried Aperture 2.0 and I liked it. It was faster and more responsive than 1.5.7 but I’m just not sure it’s for me. I downloaded the 2.0 demo, but only got a few days to play with it, so I’m still not sure. As it stands, I’ll probably shell out the $200 for it at some point in the near future, just because I am still shooting RAW with my camera and will eventually need something to process my shots with. (Adobe also released PS Elements 6.0 (Universal Binary) recently, which sort of sweetens the deal.

What’s more exciting (besides the WoW 2.4 patch and the warlock I’m leveling) is this: David Eick, writer-producer of Battlestar Galactica is working on a Children of Man television series. Just hearing that Eick is working on it is enough for me. Also: BSG Season 4: April 4th 10/9c


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