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McCain’s Toolbox: The Hillary Hammer

Posted in Uncategorized by 51future on March 13, 2008

Republican Votes Skew Democratic Primaries

Although Mrs Clinton is a hate figure for Right-wingers, Mr Limbaugh agrees with most opinion polls that she would be an easier opponent for Mr McCain. Even if Mr Obama eventually wins the nomination, the broadcaster hopes a prolonged struggle will weaken him and his party

So apparently Rush Limbaugh told Republicans to go out and vote in the Democratic primaries in order to skew the results enough to keep the Clinton campaign afloat. Whatever legitimacy Hillary had before, now she seems to be little more than a tool. Everyone realizes what the outcome of this battle is going to be, but it looks like Hillary is willing to betray her party if she doesn’t win. No, I’m not saying that she had anything to do with the record number of Republicans coming out to the Democratic primaries in Texas but I think it’s clear that she knows where she stands in this contest. That, coupled with the fact that she endorsed McCain over Obama, well, I think it’s easy enough to connect those dots.

Mr Limbaugh said: “I want Hillary to stay in this. We need Barack Obama bloodied up politically, they are in the midst of tearing themselves apart.”


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