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Time Capsule: Unboxing

Posted in Apple, Gadgetry by 51future on March 8, 2008

I ended up unboxing my new Time Capsule today. First pictures, then some commentary.

Fresh, new car scent (Time Capsule)

Japanese back panel (time capsule)

in the box [on tatami] (Time Capsule)

time capsule ports

install image

The installer is straightforward and my network was up and running as soon as I went through the prompts. I did the initial Time Machine back-up over the ethernet line without a problem. It took a little over an hour and 30 minutes to back up 40Gb of data this way.

After that, I toyed with the manual settings, hoping I’d be able to change the country code to USA in order to get faster wireless-n speeds, but no dice. (Anybody know how to do this? Does it have something to do with TC being able to detect what country you’re in via IP address or proxy?)

One thing that confused me initially was the fact that TC didn’t show up on my desktop. However, I fixed that by connecting to it and then going and doing this:

finder prefs connected servers

My initial observations are as follows:

  • Wireless speeds seem lightning fast, even quicker than they used to be when I was connected directly to the modem via ethernet. I don’t see how this is possible, so I remain skeptical. It may just be the Apple reality distortion effect.
  • My Xbox 360 works fine connected via ethernet.
  • Setting the router up as a bridge (my ADSL modem is a POS) was as easily as clicking a single button. I’ve never, ever, ever had the pleasure of using a router that was this easy to set up.
  • I’ve transfered 120Gb of data to my Time Capsule so far without a single issue. (All over ethernet though.)
  • The unit itself is wider and slimmer than I expected. It would have been convenient if it could be set up vertically, but it is a router. It’s easy to stuff somewhere out of the way and even if you put it in your living room it will fit right in. Time Capsule is gorgeous.

More observations to come.


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