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Schizophrenic MacBook Pro

Posted in Apple by 51future on March 5, 2008

When I bought my MBP I had to deal with Apple’s intensely polite, completely unhelpful Japanese Support representatives in order to get my original yellow-tinted Samsung panel replaced with something that I could actually work on, and since then, I’ve had nothing but good luck with my current MBP. Now granted, the panel debacle was a pain, and I did have to get Steve’s Goons to step in and handle it for me, but I will give Apple respect where its due. They fixed my problem, both with customer service, and with my screen promptly and they followed up and made me feel like a customer again. The whole thing was generally warm and fuzzy. Kudos.

As great as my MBP is, it’s still not perfect.


This is a typical snapshot of my battery health. I typically unplug at least once a day, not including all the time that my MBP stays asleep in my bag to and from work. I go cordless at random intervals throughout the day in intervals that vary between minutes and hours, and sometiems I even run the battery almost completely dry before jacking into the wall again.

I planned to, over the course of a month or so, record my battery health in case it got to the point where I had to talk to Apple about a replacement. However, at some point I lost interest when I realized that my battery’s problems seem to be primarily psychological. My battery’s health varies wildly from day to day. Some days, it says it’s got 96% health and others 75%. Typically it hovers right around 85-88% health. I’ve calibrated it three times in the six months I’ve had the computer. I’m not quite perfect about my calibration habits, but both times I’ve calibrated it, the capacity has, after calibration been about the same: 85-88%. However, I haven’t experienced a marked decrease in actual working battery life, as far as I can tell.

Meanwhile, I downloaded the Macbook Keyboard Update back on the day it was released (February 19, 2008) but it seems like it didn’t really fix the problem so much as it make it more noticeable. Before, my keyboard would usually always miss the first keystroke coming out of sleep. It still does that now. However, it also seems to have started missing the first keystroke when the keyboard has been idle for a while. The problem is so subtle that if I didn’t know it was a legitimate problem I’d assume that I just hadn’t hit the key hard enough (over and over again).

On one hand, neither of these issues really interferes with my ability to utilize my machine significantly, but I find myself wishing that I had a reproducible crash or something more tangible so that I could report it and, in good faith, expect some kind of resolution.

Meanwhile, I’ve been struggling, struggling with the Firefox 3 Beta and even more strangely, the latest stable Safari build. I switched over to Safari to get around a copy/paste bug that still exists in this build of Beta 3 on the Mac side (I may need to upgrade, I realize.) and Safari crashed 3 times editing one post here at my WordPress site. The second time it crashed, it crashed again as soon as I tried to relaunch it and I was prompted to “reset” it. I’m starting to wonder if I should download the latest WebKit builds and see if they’re any better.


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